Biometric Authentication and Identification Market Statistics and Research Analysis Upto 2023

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Focus on Modality (Face, Eye, Fingerprint, Palm, and Vein), Motility, Application, and Technology Trends
Biometrics has helped to deliver secure services in various circumstances. It has helped to identify known suspects traversing crowded security areas, such as airports, railway stations, and others. With the development and implementation of advanced innovative technologies and concepts, such as biometrics, in field of anti-terrorism protection, terrorist attacks have been somewhat reduced.

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The use of biometrics across various industries is majorly due to a higher demand of enhanced safety and security of the personnel. Among the changing paradigm of the consumer as well as enterprise market, a significantly higher demand of biometrics from the consumer goods segment such as from smartphones, laptops, and tablets is majorly impacting the growth of the biometric industry. Another factor driving the growth of this market is the use of biometric in anti-money laundering coupled with an increased use of biometrics in the era of blockchain. This is majorly due to the increasing thefts, and cyber-crimes leading to privacy concerns and a huge risk of data breaches.

The global biometric authentication and identification market comprises a range of vendors that are expected to directly influence the workflow in which biometric hardware and/or services are expected to be delivered to the end consumers. These vendors follow a long-term partnership agreement to deliver their products and services. This, in turn, ensures reliable, long-lasting, and trusting agreements, further enabling a smooth flow in productivity as well as leading to overall cost benefits.

The developments in technology have been continuously striving to make human life easier and more secure. In the physical security industry, technology developments, namely machine learning, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and Gait recognition, and mass video surveillance, have somehow resolved human life issues, such as shoplifting and fraudulent activities. Moreover, with the commence of information technology, ensuring security with a restricted access has become unchallenging, but the threat to breaching such security measures has become rather frequent. In lieu of traditional PIN and password-based systems or access card systems, which rely on information that are susceptible to theft or loss, biometric techniques provide access to any device or system, based on characteristics that are always under the users’ possession. In general understanding, biometric refers to the science of creating human identity based on any individuals behavioral (such as gait) and physical (such as iris and fingerprint) attributes. The market for biometric systems is analyzed by studying the individual biometric systems such as face recognition systems, palm recognition systems, iris recognition systems, signature recognition, and others.

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Owing to the increasing crime rate and fraudulent access to high security areas, the use of biometrics in various forms of authentication systems is rapidly gaining momentum. With advancements in technology, a hacker can easily access into the data server for a required information from any part of the world. This information can then be used to damage any physical property, commit frauds using identities of other people, or even damage the digital data stored on cloud. Market areas such as criminal investigation (forensics), banks, and penitentiaries among others have benefited the most with the emergence of biometric technology in access control systems. The modern-day biometric solution eliminates the need of managing access through keys and locks and presents the users with option of automating the authentication and various access control features.

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