There are numerous other towns and villages to consider

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There are numerous other towns and villages to consider.When you look at the map, RS is huge! There are just too many towns and villages to list, so I'm sorry if I didn't include your preferred. POHs are often able to compete with small towns in regards to size and amenities... It's an open-ended topic...

Botting is done by people who think that playing pk is the only thing that makes enjoyable in the game and that advancing to pk can be boring. They discover that botting is okay because it does not impact other players. It lets them avoid boring environments and get good accounts for Pking.

In addition, I believe that the majority of people who play on private servers are not there because they have been banned or for other reasons. The majority of people use them to have fun and pke without having grind for levels to get an account that is good.

When I was training my third account for pking in 2010, I have even considered botting because it is rather obvious for anyone who has ever trained a pking account that it is boring as hell. Retrospectively, I'm lucky. At the time many accounts were being taken by botting websites. I decided it was not wise to set up an account solely to pking using botting.

In this regard, there obviously is a problem that Jagex is not addressing. The players seem to be bored with the idea of gaining levels to be able to. Pkers who wish to improve their leveling using the traditional way of killing mobs must have been killing the same mobs over many years. They are always minotaurs or monks.

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