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Jagex Games Studio (UK's largest independent games developer and publisher) today confirmed that a UK citizen was detained following an agreement with the Police Central e-Crime Unit. Jagex's efforts continue to stop the theft of accounts on (the world's most popular free-to-play hugely multiplayer online gaming website) is behind the arrest.

Your level of skill is a major factor in the speed your character can obtain Runescape resources.Since I was learning a new skill, I find that the first few mined rocks are very slow when I'm not mining. After I've mined the initial few rocks, I can return to my normal pace of collecting ore. It's the same with cutting wood. I find that it takes a while to get the first few logs, but after that I can start to get logs at normal rates.

Question #1) Have you noticed the same thing? If you haven't had the chance to train a skill in some time, your character will be "rusty" in that particular skill, but then it will return to normal speed once the logs/ores are finished.

Question #2: Is there a Runescape subprogram that if your character hasn't learned an ability in the past, your resource gathering ability rate will be restored to normal. This is dependent on your level of skill and the type of tool/pickaxe and the level of your skill.

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