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Posted October 11, 2019 by bertlinsheng

There are a variety of LED spotlights available today, and although they are versatile, not everyone can interchange. Here are some tips to help you find the right LED spotlight for your needs.
1. Accessories
The most common type of spotlight is the GU10. It has two square pins at the bottom and is a "push-and-twist" connector similar to a bayonet cap (but not compatible with the BC connector).

However, low-voltage spotlights (such as MR11 and MR16) have completely different accessories. The bulbs themselves look almost identical to the GU10, but they cannot fit into the GU10 fixture. Check the accessories of the existing lamp and compare it to the ones listed here to make sure you have the correct type of lamp.

2. Beam angle
Spotlights are "orientated" sources, meaning they illuminate in a particular direction.

The beam angle determines how narrow the beam of the bulb is. The larger the angle, the wider the beam that the bulb projects. The narrow 20°-40° beam angle is ideal for highlighting specific objects or areas in a room. A wider beam angle is more suitable for general lighting, or for illuminating larger areas of the work area (eg, kitchen counters).

3. Color temperature
The next thing to consider is the color temperature of the spotlight. Warm white is suitable for relaxing areas such as the living room and bedroom. Cool white works better in the kitchen and bathroom, in which case clearer, more stimulating light will be more beneficial.

4. Lumen and power
The brightness of a light bulb is one of its most important characteristics, and like its color temperature, it can have a great impact on the look and feel of the room.

Do not use wattage to determine the brightness of the lamp. This tells you how much power is in the bulb, but it has little to do with the light it emits. The brightness of the bulb is changed to lumens (lm). The bulbs commonly used at home have lumens between 300 and 800 lm.

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