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When considering Cataract Surgery, trust the Doctors the Doctors Trust, Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction Clinic Phoenix! Please contact at (480) 464-6155 for more information.
Does a cataract surgery make a difference in a person’s life? After a surgical treatment at Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction, your vision will clear dramatically! So, what can one expect? One must always have a realistic expectation after a cataract surgery from a cataract clinic Phoenix. The outcome of the cataract surgery performed right will sharpen the patient’s vision, decrease the dependency on contact lens or glasses; create reduction in glares and halos and the colors become more vivid and brighter than before.

Our clinic customizes your cataract surgery as per your personal requirement and develops a plan just for your set of eyes! Let us start the process by reviewing your vision and work our way towards your personal goals. We make sure that we deliver the best results to our patients. At the time of consultation, we also go through your insurance cover for the operation.

The Surgical Process

To prepare for a cataract surgery at Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction, the doctors may ask you to reduce certain medications that you already are on, to reduce the risk of bleeding. The shape and size of the patient’s eye and the curve of the cornea are precisely measured before the surgery.

With the help of these measurements, an appropriate intraocular lens implant can be successfully made at the eye cataract clinic Phoenix. The process of the surgery begins with an anesthetic numbing the tissue in and around the eye. Eye drops are then administered in the operative eye, to dilate the pupils.

Once the pupils are dilated, a small incision is made on the side of the cornea, to allow a tiny probe to be inserted inside. Gentle ultrasound waves are induced in the affected eye, to break the cataract into pieces. This will help the probe to successfully suck the damaged part of the lens from the patient’s eye. To finally restore the patient’s vision, the ophthalmologist at the cataract clinic Arizona will identify the right IOL and place the lens in the emptied position. However, the surgery will be completed once the doctor at Moretsky Cassidy assesses that the placed lens is the best choice for your eye!

Speedy Recovery

The recovery part involves a lot of rest for the eye operated. The vision may seem a bit blurry during the first few days. Rubbing, pressing or itching on the eye should be avoided completely post-surgery. The cataract clinic Phoenix will prescribe eye drops after the surgery with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. This will minimize the risk of infection after the surgery, as an untreated infection may result in complete vision loss too.

Benign conditions like minor irritation or redness in the eyes resolves quickly on its own. However, the complete healing process will need at least eight weeks. We will regularly monitor your recovery to ensure that the treatment administered fulfils its purpose. See distances clearly and reduce your dependency on vision corrective glasses by visiting Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction clinic at the earliest.

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