How Cardonio’s ICO was Conceived

Posted September 17, 2018 by angelicabree

In order to appreciate more fully how Cardonio’s Credit Card can work for you, let us look at how it all started. Cardonio launched its project through an ICO by targeting an initial 25,000 customers to participate through its airdrop campaign.
Its main goal was to show how people can gain the benefits of this innovative investment tool through executing its business plan.

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a counterpart to the more common IPO where investors buy shares of stock of a business that requires capital to enhance its operations. Although ICOs do not give shares, its potential to earn income greatly outpaces that of the IPO. Why? This is simply because the crypto space is an unregulated and decentralized field which allows it free reign to grow and to innovate in various ways to benefit companies and investors. The whole idea is to revolutionize the way people manage and utilize their funds without the usual corresponding restrictive and costly regulatory procedures.

And “revolutionary” will not suffice to describe how Cardonio’s project works and, more so, how it will grow by leaps-and-bounds in a short period. Not only because investors can benefit from the greatly-reduced cost of going about moving their funds and doing their many mundane tasks, but also because they can maximize their money’s worth by simultaneously investing in the operations of Cardonio.

Like other companies in the space, Cardonio started up raising money through its ICO by describing its plan on a whitepaper which laid down what the project is about, the project needs and targets, the amount of money needed for the venture, the value of virtual tokens that members will hold, the type of money accepted, and the duration of the ICO campaign. Thus, within about a week, 25,000 came on board Cardonio’s vehicle through the distribution of cryptocoins, gratis, and in exchange for some tasks. These tokens are similar to shares but backed up instead by cryptocurrencies and also fiat money.

A Cardonio Card, in short, enables a holder to do ordinary transactions, such as shopping, by merely swiping the card for every purchase and charging the amount to a cryptocurrency account for the equivalent amount of fiat money involved without incurring the usual fees and mark-up. Moreover, as an investor in Cardonio, the member gains the benefits of making high savings (up to about 20% based on the prevailing exchange), as well as in the potential increase in the value of their tokens and, likewise, growing with the company.

Cardonio has had a very good start. And just like in the 100-meter dash race, to be up and running with a good start gives one the great advantage of making it first at the finish line.
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