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1888PressRelease - Strap a pack on your back and off you go, explains Michael Tornabe.
You've seen these in cartoons but nobody thought that they would come to life, ever! Glen Martin has come up with the first jetpack that actually works. The New Zealander has been working on his creation for the last 30 years and finally he is ready to sell it. This iconic space-age way of moving from one place to the next no longer just exists in sci-fi movies and cartoons.

TIME Magazine listed the Martin Jetpack in its list of top 50 inventions in the year 2010. They went ahead to call it the first practical jetpack that the world had seen. The jetpack is a backpack that allows you to fly for half an hour at a time. It has ducted fans that power it. Using the jetpack, you can move at a maximum speed of 46 miles per hour, equivalent to 74 kph.

"Can you imagine gliding about a kilometer over the ground? You can do so with the Martin Jetpack!" said Michael Tornabe, head of the Logan Bus Company. "And this is achieved by simply strapping a backpack on." The Martin Jetpack flies at 900 meters above ground. That is 3000 feet.

This pack will be used initially by emergency teams and firefighters and is right now being developed for use by first responders. "However, it will soon be on sale for personal use for those willing to part with $200,000 to buy one." said Mike Tornabe.

Travel in the future is not just about trains, automobiles and ships. There are zip lines and jetpacks as well. You can be sure that if you have imagined it, it is being made by someone somewhere. All of these different modes of transportation will be shaping our world in the next ten years and we should all be excited to have them.

The idea behind all of these different modes of transport is increased speed, reduction in fuel consumption, and use of alternative energy sources, comfort, and many other different advantages. No more sitting in traffic for hours. Green travel alternatives are preferred and innovators are encouraged to come up with innovations that will conserve energy and reduce greenhouse emissions.

About Mike Tornabe & Logan Bus Company:
Mike Tornabe started at the Logan Bus Company & Affiliates in 2003. At that time, the company only had 700 contracted school bus routes with the New York City Department of Education. Now, in 2016, Logan Bus Company is the largest private school bus operator in New York State. With over 2,000 contracted routes, Mike has expanded Logan bus beyond imagination.

An Entrepreneur at heart, this is not the first business Mike Tornabe has been successful in. An inventor and holder of a few patents, Mike has always been on the right side of entrepreneurial success. Prior to Logan, Mike founded a successful Roofing business out of Long Island, New York.

Even though he is a businessman at his core, he would rather be "under the bus" than above it! Michael Tornabe is an avid car lover at heart. He loves muscle cars made in America, and despite his busy work schedule, still finds some peace and quiet to get under the hood of the car and work on his vehicles. This is a testament to Mr. Michael Tornabe's excellent expertise when dealing with school bus maintenance. His fleet of buses is top-of-the-line.

Mike Tornabe is a frequent supporter of various charities such as the Queens Boys and Girls Club, Wounded Warriors, the NYPD, FDNY and NY State Troopers. Mike Tornabe understands the importance of our men and women on duty and how important it is for them to protect our children so that they can continue to get the education they deserve. Learn more at http://www.loganbuscompany.com
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