The cold air intake increases power to your engine

Posted September 14, 2021 by anchorboltsui

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  Intake systems are a vital part of your vehicle. If you are concerned with horsepower and optimal engine performance, it is imperative that your vehicle's intake system operates at its full potential. There are also a number of custom and high performance replacement parts and systems that will boost your vehicle's performance. Here is a brief description of some of the components of stock and specialty intake systems and why they are so important to your vehicle's operation.

  Cold Air Intake

  The cold air intake increases power to your engine. It reduces the air temperature at the intake to be burned more efficiently in your combustion chamber. Proper cold air temperature provides increased power to the engine. An engine relies on a delicate balance of fuel and air for combustion. Cold air is much denser and holds more oxygen per volume than warm air. More oxygen molecules going in means a more efficient burn and more power in the combustion process. The result is more horsepower and better fuel economy. Cold air intake is often why most vehicles perform better in cooler or cold weather conditions. Engines that run in hotter climates require more precise timing to get enough cold air to the engine. A properly functioning cold air intake means an increase in throttle response and horsepower as well as a marked improvement in fuel economy. Most vehicles come with stock cold air intakes. Some experts claim that these draw in warmer air and their location in the vehicle inhibits proper cold airflow. Therefore, these stock intakes will not increase your engine performance or give fuel economy as well as high performance cold air intakes. For the coolest possible airflow, high performance products such as the dynamic APC (American Products Company) or performance enhanced AFE (Advanced Flow Engineering) cold air intake will generate a more efficient combustion process and increase horsepower and torque output.

  Intake Manifold

  The intake manifold is a network of channels that directs the balanced air and fuel mixture into the intake ports in the cylinder head. The flow generally advances from the throttle body into a chamber that feeds individual runners, leading to each intake port. Your engine performance is enhanced if the intake manifold is configured to optimize the pressure pulses in the intake system. A high performance or custom manifold is designed to take advantage of these facts and produce more horsepower and more mid-range torque.
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