Share with you how we use Gregory backpacks for mountaineering equipment storage.

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This article mainly wants to share with you how we use Gregory backpacks for mountaineering equipment storage
Two days and one night camping hiking bag recommendation, Gregory backpack evaluation experience
This article mainly wants to share with you how we use Gregory backpacks for mountaineering equipment storage. In addition, this year 2020 Gregory Stout/Amber has a revised version of the color and detail functions, and will also be included. Mentioned in this article.

Gregory brand introduction
Gregory is an outdoor brand from the United States. It is known as the Rolls Royce in the backpacking industry because of its good quality and high comfort. It is true that in domestic mountaineering, more than half of the ten travel friends use Gregory mountaineering bags.
You don't carry a pack, you wear it. It is the founder's ideal and persistence in backpack design for many years. Wayne believes that there is only one secret of backpack comfort, which is fit, so Gregory focuses on carrying a system Developed and possessed a number of backpack technologies, hoping that the backpack should be as comfortable as clothes worn on the body instead of being carried on the body.
Gregory (Gregory) climbing bag storage technique

This time, the backpacks we carry are Gregory's Amber (female version) and Stout (male version) series, the liters are 44L and 45L respectively. We agreed that the climbing camp for two days and one night is a very good number. Next, I will share with you how we use this backpack to pack equipment. Gregory mountaineering bag
The pocket zipper made by Gregory on the waist belt has a very large storage space. The advantage of the large space is that it is very convenient to take things and will not have physical obstacles. With this size, it’s okay to put down a complete iphone, but I’m used to putting the iphone in the chest pocket, so where the pocket zipper is, I will put salt sugar, amino acid energy powder or even an energy bar, and will try to make it The weight of the two belts is about the same.
I don’t fill up the big zipper pocket of the belt, because usually after I eat the salt and sugar, the garbage will be temporarily stuffed in it, and will not be sorted until I return. If it is too full, the garbage may fly off or fall out. .

The bag body storage maintains a principle: the center of gravity is close to the body, the sides are equal weight, waterproof is preferred, and external hangers are not allowed. At the bottom, there will be equipment that can be squeezed but not taken out: sleeping bags, down jackets, sleeping bag inner covers, inflatable sleeping pads, and pillows. We will stuff these things at the bottom. In addition, I remind everyone that the equipment of the backpack should be waterproof. For example, take a large waterproof plastic bag, or if the budget is sufficient, buy a lightweight waterproof storage bag like us.

The heaviest items should be placed in the middle layer near the body (heavy in the figure), and the water bag storage bag should also be placed in the heavy place, so that the center of gravity will be close to the body. In addition, I will put spare clothes and food (dry rice, egg cartons...etc. squeezable food), and lighter pots and pans will be placed in the light place.
Why must the center of gravity be in the middle? Because if the weight is too high, the whole weight will be pressed on the shoulders, and the carrying experience will be poor. If it is too low, the backpack will sag and the center of gravity will be lowered. Therefore, heavier items should be packed in the middle layer, not too high or too low.

In the middle and upper layers of the package, I will choose to release items that I usually take in the travel room, such as jackets and soft shells. And if the breakfast and lunch on the road are bread, I will also put it on the middle and upper floors to prevent the bread from being crushed.

The water bag hole attached to the mountaineering bag is basically standard, and the water bag tube can pass through the water bag hole from the backpack.

The top bag needs to hold lightweight items. The top bag of the Gregory mountaineering bag has a storage system on both sides, which brings the storage space to a higher level. And because of the low usage of the inner top pocket, Gregory defines the inner top pocket as raincover, which is used for placing backpack covers (Amber/Stout are included). If you want to put other things, you can, but I have not put other things XDGregory (Gregory) mountaineering bag in the inner top bag.

In the top pocket, I habitually put headlights, gloves, and woolen caps, which are relatively cold-proof items. Because after arriving at the camp, if you put something warm against the cold on the middle floor, you have to turn around to find it. But if you put it in the top pocket, you can keep warm as soon as you arrive at the camp, which is very important to me.

Side storage space Gregory (Gregory) also provides ultra-wide mesh bags, usually in addition to the thermos, the tent poles, trekking poles, and Gopro are also placed on both sides.
The old bag of 2019 is a parallel mesh bag, and the 2020 version is a beveled mesh bag. The advantage of the beveled mesh bag is that if you want to take the thermos on the side while walking, but do not want to remove the backpack, the beveled mesh bag It is lower near the body, so it is more convenient to take.

The last part is the bottom part, usually you don’t hang things, but because we’re going to camp on the mountain this time, I’m carrying chairs and tents on my back. It should be noted that if the equipment is placed outside the bottom, the elastic must be tightened so that the entire center of gravity will not run away. In addition, the appearance of the Gregory mountaineering bag is also designed to be external, like my snowpeak cup is external!
The above is our packaging experience sharing for this bag, and then we will share our experience with you.
Evaluation experience Gregory (Gregory) mountaineering bag

If the weight is important for long distances, we will use lightweight mountaineering bags. If it is two days and one night or even a camping trip, we will carry Gregory Amber/Stout. Compared with Gregory Amber/Stout, the lightweight mountaineering bag, I think the most significant difference is the storage system.

The actual combat experience is loaded with climbing camp, but the journey will not be too long, about 3-4 hours will arrive at the camp.

Compared with the previous generation Amber/Stout mountaineering bag, the latest generation has optimized and improved the back carrying system. If you compare carefully, you can find that the new generation of Amber/Stout has been changed to a one-piece embracing backpack system, and using double-layer perforated foam, the overall comfort and support have been improved by a level, just like being surrounded by a boyfriend. .
At the beginning, we have to meet the constant steep rise of 0.9km. Good weather will definitely cause sweating. At this time, the double-layer perforated foam on the back can achieve a certain degree of ventilation, so that the heat will not be concentrated on the back and shoulders. I used to climb mountains. When the shoulders and back are wet, it feels uncomfortable.

Versa Fit has an adjustable back length of 12.5cm, which also echoes the founding purpose of Gregory, You don’t carry a pack, you wear it. Usually the more common mountaineering bags S, M, L are different packages, but Gregory (Gregory) provides instant adjustment of back length, whether you are a teenager, adult, middle-aged or elderly, you can follow you Adjust bone growth and body shape changes. Think about it carefully because mountaineering bags are not consumables, they usually last for decades after being used!

Compared with the lightweight mountaineering bag, in addition to the more complete storage system, the comfort of the carrying system is also relatively improved. From the above picture, we can see that Gregory has put a lot of effort into the carrying system, customizing the size, breathable shoulder straps, and excellent covering waistbands at any time, so that users can pay attention. The feeling of carrying is much more comfortable, especially when we expect to take more than two days of reloading. A comfortable walking state can improve the efficiency and stability of climbing.

The view along the road is very good, and you can see the peaks from afar, towering in front of you.

We arrived at today's camp

Finally, unload the backpack to build our home.
After the Gregory hiking bag comes down the mountain, sometimes the hip is a little bruised. Is it because the backpack is not suitable for me?
The classification of Gregory mountaineering bags is very detailed. Each bag is divided into men's and women's bags. The first thing to pay attention to is not to buy the wrong one. If you buy the wrong one, of course it will not fit you well. In addition, each mountaineering bag will launch different liters and bag styles according to different itineraries, and correspondingly will have a comfortable load, just like a sleeping bag will have a comfortable temperature. It is recommended to try the backpack on the spot, you can also ask the on-site shop assistant, the weight is suitable. If the back exceeds the comfortable load, it may also cause a weight burden on the hip bone. The last is the packing technique of the mountaineering bag. Heavier items should be placed on the middle layer instead of the bottom layer.
How to choose the size that suits you?
Gregory's bags have a variety of styles and different characteristics. It is recommended that you go to the relevant outdoor store to try the back before buying the hiking bag. Buying a backpack is like buying new clothes. You must try it on (back) to find the Mr. Right that really suits you. Choose an outdoor hiking bag of your own and go up the mountain together!
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