Painting Tools: What's the difference between paint and paint?

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Painting Tools: What's the difference between paint and paint?
Painting Tools: What's the difference between paint and paint?

1. What is paint? Answer: Paint refers to a general term for a material that is coated on the surface of an object (the object to be protected and decorated) and can form a firmly attached continuous protective film. It is a material with decorative and protective functions. It is used in the national economy and people's life. Play an important role, the amount of paint used per capita per year is an important indicator of a country's living standards. 2. What is the difference between paint and paint?

A: Many people think that paints are water-based paints, low-grade paints, while paints are high-grade ones. In fact, it is a misunderstanding. Old paints were called paints, because early paints were mainly made of grease and natural resins as the main raw materials. With the progress of science, various synthetic resins are widely used as the main raw materials of coatings, which fundamentally changes the appearance of paint products, and it is not appropriate to use paint again, so they are collectively referred to as coatings. Coatings include a wide range of content, including traditional paints, as well as solvent-based coatings and water-based coatings produced with various synthetic resins as the main raw material.

3. What are the main functions and characteristics of interior and exterior wall coatings? Answer: The interior wall paint decorates and protects the interior walls to make them beautiful and clean; its color is suitable for elegant and soft to create a comfortable living environment.

The characteristics are: A. Rich colors, fine coating, good hiding power B. Water resistance, resistance Good scrubbing C, has a certain air permeability D, good construction, no brush marks, no sagging. Use exterior wall coating tools to decorate and protect the exterior walls of buildings, so that the appearance of the building is clean and beautiful, and the purpose of beautifying the urban environment is achieved. The characteristics are: A. Good decoration B. Good weather resistance C. Stain resistance Good D, good water resistance.
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